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The HEY Safe Cleaning Solution is a combination of unique products together with bespoke training programs which combine to create the most innovative Kitchen Extract Cleaning System available.

An integral part of the HEY Solution is the Tegras system, the most innovative brushing and foaming system for cleaning canopies, fans and ductwork in grease extraction systems. It uses a bag in box foam system which won`t damage the seals and joints in ductwork as it has a much lower PH than most other effective cleaning products. The Tegras concept incorporates an innovative video system that provides HD quality evidence that out of sight areas have been cleaned and can also be used for finding issues in the ductwork that cannot be seen by normal methods of just taking still pictures.

Often the main problem when cleaning grease extraction systems is reaching inaccessible areas, leakages and smells. The HEY Safe Cleaning Solution combines the Tegras system that enables more areas to be cleaned with RZ Ecoseal, providing the complete solution.

RZ Ecoseal is a Patented product that is applied mainly to the inside of the duct work to seal all the joints in the system that have been damaged by cleaning companies using the harsh chemicals, hand scraping and climbing through the ductwork, causing gaps to appear. These gaps allow grease, smells and in the case of a fire, more oxygen to mix with the flames to create a catastrophe.

RZ Ecoseal is a water resistant and fire retardant product that will eliminate leakages and smells escaping into areas within the food premises that would make it unpleasant to staff and customers.

These two products combined with rigorous training programs for HEY approved operators, create the HEY Safe Cleaning Solution.

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