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Red Rickshaw

Red Rickshaw is the UK`s largest online Asian grocer providing a one-stop shop for authentic Asian groceries, spices and meal kits, delivered straight to your door.

Weaving through a labyrinthe of old markets, the nippy Rickshaw comes alive. Hidden inside these lanes are a myriads of masalas, fragrant spices and exotic ingredients to take you on a journey through the ancient spice route. This market is where traditional cuisine is at its best. The aroma of an exotic dish begins calling out to your tastebuds and as you forget your culinary inhibitions, you embrace the mystical world of Asian cuisine, recalling that this adventure began with a humble rickshaw.

Since 2009, we have extensively researched sights and spices from Asian markets and created one portal where our food exploration knowledge brings the rickshaw ride across Asia, alive. There is so much more to Asian food than an Indian curry or Japanese sushi. We will help you discover the little known wonders of the quaint Asian bazaars (thanks to an extensive range of products).

We stock the complete range of Asian ingredients but go beyond curry and Pad Thai, recreating venturesome recipes like Pootha Rekulu from interior Andhra Pradesh (India) or Kanom Jeen Noodles from Krabi (Thailand) - cooking these are now easy with Red Rickshaw.

You can shop for exotic Asian spices such as our freshly sourced garam masala, fresh curry leaves, coriander and even coconuts. We have an extensive range of exotic vegetables and the full variety of dhals, lentils, rice and flours that you may not have known existed. You can find spice kits, cooking manuals, recipes and buying guides that will help you re-create your favourite dishes at home. You could even write to us if you need help in replicating your favourite restaurant curries. No Asian market is complete without the bling. We also bring you the jewellery, ethnic trinkets, handicrafts, festival items and the accessories that just complete your journey of exploration into all things Asian.

We welcome you to take this culinary journey at Red Rickshaw!

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