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25 & 26 SEPT


The Delivery Zone At The Takeaway Innovation Expo

The Delivery Zone

In the past few years, delivery has exploded with more and more restaurants seeking to diversify their offering, hence we’ve created the Delivery Zone. This is an area of the exhibition dedicated to the packaging and delivery solutions driving change in the industry.

Across both days of the show you’ll find a wealth of information and guidance on the best delivery options for you. So, if you’re looking to find the technological solutions to get your food to your customers, discover numerous manufacturers of innovative packaging solutions, or thinking of adding a delivery service to your business, then the Delivery Zone at Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo has everything you need.

  • Eskuta Limited: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Eskuta Limited

    Stand No: 1900

    Eskuta are designers & manufacturers of `electrically assisted pedal cycles` (EAPCs) & battery powered scooters, designed specifically for the fast food...

  • Grafton Fleet Motorcycles: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Grafton Fleet Motorcycles

    Stand No: 2012

    One Stop Fleet Management Solutions Supply a range of petrol and enironementally friendly takeaway delivery bike scooters Finance and Fully Maintained Leasing options Service,...

  • John's of Romford Motorcycles: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    John's of Romford Motorcycles

    Stand No: 2110

    With 50+ yrs experience supplying businesses with scooters & motorcycles to get their services to market we provide reliable Honda or...

  • Lionman Delivery Ebike: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Lionman Delivery Ebike

    Stand No: 2026

    Lionman as one of the main supplier for food delivery ebike, we design, configure and manufacture the ebike according to client`s...

  • Multi Bag Inc: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Multi Bag Inc

    Stand No: 1910

    Let us help you brand your business! We specialise in custom-made, high-end bags (paper, plastic, reusable or insulated) We are looking for sales...

  • Sweetheat Technology Limited: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Sweetheat Technology Limited

    Stand No:

    Sweetheat Technology Limited of Dewsbury manufacture its award winning SWEETHEAT HEATED DELIVERY BAGS SYSTEM for the Home Delivery Market. Sweetheat Bags ensure...

  • Urban Arrow: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Urban Arrow

    Stand No: 2120

    Smart Urban Mobility: emission free cargo transport! Food, goods, pallets, documents or even kids: we have just the right product for...