Hues, Tastes, Appetite and Disposables

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Does the colour of your plate or cup influence your appetite and taste? We may think that we are not easily deceived by the colour of our tableware, but we eat with our eyes! Our taste and appetite are very much influenced by the colour of the plate we eat from or the cup we drink from. This is because we look before eating and our eyes send signals to our brain well before we taste the food.

Try drinking hot chocolate from a brown cup and from a white cup. Which tastes better?  Some colours can excite and entice you to eat more whilst others can put you off food. Ever wondered why the fast food outlets favour certain colours which increase your appetite? Want to take off some of those extra pounds? It could be as simple as changing the colour of your plate. There have been many studies on the effect of colours on our senses, tastes and appetite.

Here’s how some popular colours affect your appetite and mood.

Yellow, red and orange

The most appetizing colours are warm colours like yellow, red and orange. They bring to mind warm creamy flavours and stimulate the appetite as they are associated with happiness and excitement 

Yellow – a favourite with fast food restaurants as it makes you hungry, welcome and happy. Ronald MacDonald is a case in point.  .

Red - another fast food favourite. It catches the eye, causes energy surge and attracts you.  But food served on a red plate can suppress the appetite and a good way to keep the weight down. 

Orange – a vibrant colour which wakes you and can increase your appetite. Orange plates also entice us to gobble up.  

Blue and purple

Blue and purple are appetite suppressants. The human mind has an aversion to blue food too and experts suggest putting a blue light in your fridge to avoid late night snacking. But blue is also a calming colour. It refreshes, soothes and slows down your metabolism. If you are watching your figure, eat your dessert on a blue plate.  


We strongly believe that green foods are healthy foods because of its association with nature. Green can help you eat healthier and food served on green plates makes us feel safe and triggers appetite.


If you want to reduce food waste, use white plates. The food is consumed in large amounts with no leftovers. White creates a mindless effect on behavior. Ever tried controlling the amount of popcorns you pop into your mouth?

Now that you know how different plate colours influence your appetite choose wisely! More attention should be paid to the colour of the tableware as it has more potential effect than one can imagine. 

Cornware biodegradable disposables come in a range of twelve vibrant colours and 

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