5 reasons why your delivery business should go electric now.

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The delivery industry is growing larger, it is becoming more competitive each day and owners are continuously looking for effective and efficient ways to carry out their deliveries. With all the hype around electric mopeds for delivery, more and more companies are adapting to the idea. Why, you ask? Let´s take a look at the reasons why delivery businesses are going electric.

1. Money matters: One of the biggest advantages of going electric is the cost. A company can save substantially just by recharging a battery pack rather than filling a gas tank. Currently, recharging an electric moped costs 80-90% less than refuelling its conventional counterpart. It is no wonder that businesses are opting to go green.  

2. The clean choice: With customers being more aware of environmental issues, businesses are expected to be more conscious of their actions and how they might impact the environment around them. Electric mopeds are very environmentally friendly, with zero emissions and it is also noise free. 

3. Save time with easy charging: Taking detours to fill up your gas tank can take up a lot of time, especially in cities. This is not very time efficient. Electric mopeds now come with removable battery packs. This means that whilst the driver is using one pack, the other can be back at base charging, leaving it as a matter of a battery swap back at the restaurant or store

4. Grants and benefits: As an effort for cities to go green, many government bodies are offering grants to individuals and businesses to purchase electric vehicles. In certain cities, benefits include the exemption of congestion charges and road tax.  

5. Low maintenance: As delivery mopeds are always on the run, more than often parts need to be fixed and oils have to be changed. As there are very few parts on electric mopeds, maintenance is minimal. 

If you are interested in seeing how going electric can benefit your business, head over to www.vostokelectric.com for more information.