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The Nations Favourite Sauce!

Crucial sauce started with humble beginnings in Birmingham, the Managing Director who was originally a caterer first created the iconic “Hot Stuff” as he found when he was eating from chip shops, the sauces they had to offer were lacking in quality and you only had basic sauces that were needing more flavour.  

In 2001 the company was officially launched with a factory that was suitable to the low production.  By 2002 the range had a modest 3 flavours which were BBQ, Hot Stuff and Extra Hot Chilli, the business was growing and people were requesting more and more flavours.  Originally although the sauce was aimed at the fast food industry, market traders began to request our sauces to sell at markets as many consumers were requesting them, although sceptical at first the market traders were right and were selling over 2 pallets a day at some markets! 

In 2009, the company was gaining further business, luckily the building next door became available, we extended the factory and Crucials continued to grow at an unstoppable speed.  In 2012 we had grown by 72% from the previous year, we had bought top of the range machinery and extended the range by a further 13 flavours, the sauce was now available to most caterers especially fish and chip shops and was available via distributors and wholesalers to purchase.  

With our range, caterers that already used our sauces were often encouraged to try new flavours of the sauces in their shops which were not your typical “chippy sauces” such as Thai style sweet chilli and Spicy Mayonnaise, this factor helped to differentiate our brand from other manufacturers as well as giving customers the edge with their new sauces.

In 2012, Crucials entered retail.  With the development of the 500ml bottles which consumers had asked for over the years, we entered Morrison’s and 2 years later Asda.  In 2013 Crucials were purchased by SHS group who instantly fell in love with the brand and the new owners specifically said “The brand has something magical, let’s protect it”.  

A year later with hard work and determination, our BRC grade came back with AA which is the highest you can get, proving that Crucials never cuts back on quality and safety.  The team we have working at Crucials have always strived to be the best that they can be, the employees all have a strong working relationship and production runs like clockwork as employees are all dedicated to the brand.  

Despite the growth and success we have had we still stay true to our values and develop new flavours and new products constantly.  We offer the following sizes in our sauces; 500ml, 1L, 2.27L, 4.5KG and 5L.


PHONE: 0121 333 3233

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