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26 & 27 NOV 2019


The Delivery Zone sponsored by Delivery Mates

In the past few years, delivery has exploded with more restaurants providing the option to their customers; that’s why the Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo 2017 has the Delivery Zone, sponsored by DeliveryMates. 

This is area of the exhibition hall is dedicated to delivery and includes suppliers of the transport to get your food to the hungry customer, and the innovative packaging to keep it safe along the way.

The Zone will provide a wealth of information and guidance on the best delivery options for your business, and you’ll be able to interact with the industry suppliers who are shaking up delivery with their cutting edge products and outstanding solutions. 

The Delivery Zone is sponsored by DeliveryMates, the fastest on-demand delivery company for London’s online retailers, and providing them with a qualified express service that delivers within the hour, resulting in happy (and well fed) customers in less time. 

If you`re not yet online, you are probably feeling the pinch as consumers increasingly shop over the Internet. They can make it easy for you to establish a successful online presence. Not only will your customers be able to book deliveries through their unique platform, taking the hassle off your hands, they can show you how to structure your online operations to deliver maximum profit.