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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Healthy Fast Food Group Leon Set to Launch Theatrical New London Restaurant

The scene is set for the opening of Leons’ all singing, all dancing new venture aptly located in London’s Straftsbury Avenue theatre district.

Opening on the 13th February, a cast of 40 talented musical theatre students and performers will take to the stage to create a memorable dining experience for the eatery’s customers. Alongside the unchanged menu, visitors to the venue can expect to hear an array of popular classics such as the likes of Queen’s Somebody to Love.

The venue’s décor will serve to complement the service, including red carpet, walls adorned with posters and a lift created in the style of the royal box, all designed to reflect and conjure up an image of the theatre.

To secure a place in the restaurant’s line up each member of the talented staff had to audition in front of an esteemed panel of industry experts, such as the likes of Call the Midwife’s Helen George and Harry Potter Actress, Anna Shaffer.

Leon was founded in Carnaby Street in 2004 by John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby and Allegra McEvedy. Since then it has grown unimaginably with over 42 stores in the UK and one in Amsterdam.