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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Serve up some new restaurant tech this Spring

Managing staff can be a constant source of frustration for business owners. Whether it’s overseeing rotas, accounting for holidays and sick days, or that heart sinking moment when a trusted staff member announces they are leaving for pastures new, meaning it’s time to start recruiting and training up a replacement.

At First Data we believe that technology can not only help you manage your staff, but also help you run your business better. There are three key ways restaurant tech can help you get into the best possible shape to be successful:

Be fast and reliable…

An out of date till system or a card machine that’s on the blink slows everyone down and can leave you exposed to human error, a poor customer experience and subsequently poor reviews!!  Having a modern, reliable payment solution is essential for two reasons. Firstly, it helps build trust with customers and therefore drives repeat business. And Secondly, it empowers your staff to work quickly and efficiently which will in turn bring down overall waiting times and greatly improve the overall customer experience. 

Be on the front foot… 

With integrated analytics and accounting. as well as the ability to cash up at the end of the night with a push of a button, modern technology can take the sting out of the tail at the end of a long shift. Less admin at closing time should mean you and your staff can go home that little bit earlier.

By equipping your business with a system that automates your admin for you will give you more time to be hands-on with other things, whether that’s marketing for your business, or building a customer loyalty programme to keep people coming back.

Be efficient with staff training…

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid losing members of your team. However, you can make it easier to bring new team members on board.

For example, some modern EPOS systems often feature an intuitive touchscreen interface in a similar vein to tablets and smartphones – meaning it’s much easier to get new staff up to speed on using these all-important systems.

Want to know more about how the latest restaurant tech can help you run your business?

First Data have created a free guide – Everything you need to know about EPOS. This guide contains more information on how technology can solve all the regular challenges you have, as well as advice on other things like creating customer loyalty and getting the best out of your pricing.

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