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26 & 27 NOV 2019


World’s First 24-Hour Vegan Drive-Thru Opens in London

Not to be out done by Pret a Manger’s recent foray into the Vegan market, Globally Local, which specialises in vegan food, is soon to be opening a second venue, in June, at Highbury Avenue and Cheapside Street, featuring a 24 drive-thru.

Globally Local Owner James McInnes has said that the new vegan venture, which will continue to serve the fast food restaurant’s much loved vegan hamburgers, ncluding their Famous Burger, which is a play on the Big Mac, served alongside tacos, macaroni and cheese and french fries, will be the first of its kind in the world. 

McInnes has told of the overwhelmingly positive reaction that the eatery has received since it opened at 252 Dundas St, as the restaurant has since gone on to receive media attention from around the world. The eatery’s success is largely behind the new development, as McInnes and his team were looking for a site with bigger infrastructure, to allow for faster service and a drive-thru, in order to make vegan fast food more accessible to their customers.