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26 & 27 NOV 2019


How the Foodservice Industry Can Utilize Technology to Maximise ROI

The foodservice industry has continuously had to work hard to keep an eye on a whole host of information when it comes to maintaining equipment. Technological developments, however, have enabled the industry to streamline its operating data  and save money on managing information.

Gary Meehan, CEO of QiCode, a communication gateway for managing product information, has recently shared how information technology can serve to help the foodservice industry at the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit, in Dallas.

Meehan told of the impact that foodservice operations has on equipment and how automating activities can serve to keep equipment operational, in turn improving the shelf-life of the equipment. 

Productivity, reliability and longevity are key factors to consider when it comes to measuring the return on investment for equipment maintenance.

Driving business innovation through technological innovation

According to Meehan, there are a number of complications that frequently arise for equipment industries when it comes to the task of managing equipment, as often multiple levels of distribution are required between manufacturers and end users.

Programmes have now been developed by data management software providers that enable increased visibility when it comes to tracking what’s going on with machines, by streamlining the data, which in turn means that they are better able to manage their costs. 

Meehan believes that a superior equipment maintenance system is one that gathers all maintenance data in one place and, subsequently, it is the insight that we are able to gain from the data that is of greater importance.

QR codes on equipment are just one of the means by which companies gain access to such data, withholding all relevant data about the equipment. Systems are now being developed by equipment manufacturers to streamline this data , which will be provided free of charge to equipment users.

Keeping track of maintenance costs

Meehan stated that the cost of maintaining equipment is difficult to keep a track of and one that massively impacts upon the total cost of ownership.

Meehan pointed out that often many equipment users prioritize having quality equipment over cleaning and servicing the equipment, which is actually equally as important when it comes to maintaining its reliability. Findings from one survey of service technicians reveal that improper maintenance or operator error are the cause of one third of service calls.

All in all, Meehan firmly believes that gaining better access to maintenance information can reduce the need for service calls and spending on servicing.