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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Amazon is Allegedly Using a Simulated Dog to Test its Delivery Drones

According to IBTimes, Amazon has reportedly called upon a simulated dog to trial its delivery drones, which will deliver parcels to customers in less than 30 minutes, due to its concerns about how the drone might respond when it comes in close contact with territorial dogs, once it’s in use.

Little is know about the industry giant’s latest move, as no information has yet been released regarding the simulated dog itself, how many Amazon have at their disposal and whether or not it was created by Amazon, themselves.

Business Insider has disclosed that Amazon is testing its drones at a rural site in Babraham, Cambridgeshire, among other secret sites around the world. Upon visiting the Cambridgeshire test site, Business insider were able to catch sight of two astroturfed ''launchpads'', but weren’t able to catch sight of the simulated dog.

Amazon’s plan to implement drone deliveries, formally known as Amazon Prime Air, was first announced back in December 2013, by its founder Jeff Bezos, in an interview on '60 minutes'. The drones have been devised in order to create a greener, cheaper and safer alternative to the delivery vans. The drone-based delivery system continues to be in development and a variety of different drone designs have since been finalised.

The Amazon Prime Air Cofounder, Daniel Buchmueller, last July, told journalists in London that the drones can reach heights of up to 400 feet and can fly up to 15 miles at speeds of 50mph. He also revealed that the company is in the process of making 25kg drones which able to carry a maximum weight of 2kg.