Blake Powell


Blake Powell is the Managing Director of Accent IT Services, the company behind AccentPOS.

A professional Pianist, Blake studied at Trinity Conservatoire in Greenwich, where he incorporated Accent IT Services in his first year.
The business began by offering high-end web design and marketing packages, along with IT support.

Blake identified an opportunity in the Restaurant technology sector when discussing EPOS systems with a leading Restaurateur, who agreed that the current offerings were deprecated. He put together a team of the best developers and designers to create AccentPOS.

Since its release, AccentPOS has inspired industry experts with its ease of use and feature-rich offering, providing many restaurant, café and bar owners with a method in which to bring their business infrastructure up-to-date.
To reinvent a well-established industry, Blake and his team had to research the EPOS sector in detail, which means he is now able to share his experience.

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