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Delivery Mates

Online retailers come to us because their competition is gaining market share, their current couriers are letting them down, or they are looking for a way to differentiate themselves with consumers. Our fleet of 350 scooters within the M25 allows your business to compete with even the biggest eCommerce companies.

If you`re not yet online, you are probably feeling the pinch as consumers increasingly shop over the Internet. We can make it easy for you to establish a successful online presence. Not only will your customers be able to book deliveries through our unique platform, taking the hassle off your hands, we can show you how to structure your online operations to deliver maximum profit.

How we do it

Our environmentally-friendly electric bikes cut through gridlock quickly, and carry twice the volume as petrol bikes for the same price. You can track the package en route through our purpose-built app, so both you and the consumer know exactly when it will arrive. And all our couriers are trained in customer relations, so are wonderful ambassadors for your company.

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