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Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK`s leading marine charity.

Our work is all about the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For too long we`ve treated our seas with little respect - too many fish have been taken out, too much rubbish put in and we`ve assumed the sea needs no special protection. Now our seas are paying the price for the years of neglect - species in decline, rising levels of litter and damaging activities allowed to go unrestricted.

Our role is to help Governments realise protection is needed, consumers and businesses understand that sustainable seafood is the right choice and more people than ever know the dangers of marine litter.

We`ve been doing this for over 30 years and our work has resulted in the creation of marine protected areas around the UK, carrier bag charges to reduce litter and businesses more aware of the need to source seafood responsibly.

But more needs to be done to work towards solutions that will achieve our vision of seas fit for life. If our seas don`t support wildlife and habitats they`ll never support communities and jobs.

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