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5loyalty Client Friska Expands Mobile App with New Click and Collect Functionality

LONDON, UK, 10th April 2017 — Bristol-based 5loyalty client, Friska has expanded its mobile app functionality by offering the restaurant’s customers the ability to click and collect their food order through their smartphone before they’ve arrived at the restaurant.

Friska works hard to redefine its customers’ expectations of how a breakfast or lunchtime meal should make them feel, providing deliciously fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients to put smiles on faces every day.

As part of Friska’s commitment to its customers, their highly scalable 5loyalty mobile app has enabled their quick service restaurant to offer an even faster service: enabling customers to head straight to the collection counter from the moment they enter the restaurant. All of this functionality has been achieved whilst maintaining Friska's fun and vibrant brand identity.

Following Friska's decision to expand their app with the Click and Collect module, they are already processing up to 50 orders a day – and growing – through the app from a daily active user base of more than 1000 customers. These customers also scan their app daily to collect Friska loyalty points and help the restaurant gather valuable customer data.

“Since starting Friska in 2009 we have always focused on improving our customers experience,” said Friska co-founder, Griff Holland. “5Loyalty have enabled us to get a much better insight into more than 20,000 of our customers’ habits and preferences.

“The new click and collect feature is another example of how appropriate technology can improve service and nurture loyalty”.

5loyalty founder, Russell Phillippe, said: “The three pillars of our bespoke mobile apps are to increase brand engagement, grow visitor frequency and encourage loyal customers to spend more.

“At 5loyalty, we’re delighted that our modular app functionality is proving so popular already with Friska customers and we look forward to watching the brand grow further.”

A 5loyalty mobile app promises to be much more than just a digital replacement for a customer loyalty card. Their branded apps help restaurants to grow repeat purchases, dabble with data-driven marketing via the app’s inbuilt analytics and truly celebrate and reward their valued customers.